Pre-K Dental Screening and Fluoride Varnish Program

All Smiles provides services up to four times per year for children who participate in Head Start, Early Head Start and other qualifying locations. We serve more than 100 sites around the Portland Tri-County area. Children enrolled in these programs are from low-income families, which are shown to experience more tooth decay and related oral pain than children from higher-income families. Services include onsite dental assessment, application of fluoride varnish, oral hygiene kit, referrals, case management, and oral health education.

Fluoride varnish is a safe, effective method to provide topical fluoride treatments to infants and toddlers. Fluoride varnish is a coating that is painted on the teeth to prevent or stop cavities. Fluoride varnish makes teeth stronger, helps stop cavities from getting bigger, and helps prevent new cavities from forming. Cavities can cause pain and infection that can lead to a child having problems with eating, speaking, and learning. Clinical studies have demonstrated that varnishes can supply fluoride more efficiently than other topical agents. Most studies show a 25-45% reduction in tooth decay resulting from fluoride varnish use.